Monday, July 22, 2013

Coeur d'Alene Art Auction

UPDATE: Painting sold for $64,350 on July 27, 2013!!!

Billy the Kid and the Regulators are coming to town in Reno this Saturday, that is on Canvas!

This coming Saturday, July 27, 2013, Andy Thomas' Billy the Kid and the Regulators will be up for auction at The Coeur d'Alene Art Auction in Reno, Nevada. 

This painting is a 36x48 oil on linen estimated at $60,000-$90,000 with a starting bid of $45,000. If you can't make the auction and are interested in this painting, there are options for you to place a bid. You can place an absentee/phone bid here. All absentee bids must be entered no later than July 24, 2013, so be sure to make the deadline. (Lot number 125) ArtFact will also allow you to bid online here.

Here is the story of the painting, according to Andy himself: 

"On April Fools Day, 1878, Billy the Kid and six other Regulators ambushed Sheriff William Brady and his deputies on the main street in Lincoln, New Mexico. Brady and Deputy George Hindman were killed. The Regulators shot from behind the adobe, corral wall of John Tunstall's store. Bill and Big Jim French were both wounded by gunfire from the remaining deputies when they briefly emerged to check the bodies. The Regulators extricated themselves by charging out of the corral and riding away along the Bonito River."

The auction will consist of 308 different works of art including, Indians, cowboys and horses, landscape and farming and agriculture, just to name a few. You can check out all the different artwork at here. So many talented artists will be featured in this auction! There will be plenty of variety for every art collector.

Address for Auction:
2707 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89502

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

eGift Promotion

Do you have a favorite piece of Andy's you'd love to buy at a discounted price? Such as one of Andy's political pieces like Callin' the Red, Callin' the Blue or Grand Ol' Gang? or maybe a good western or historical reproduction for instance, American Storytellers, Russell Paints a Masterpiece or one of his many Civil War pieces? If so, you're going to love this limited time promotion the website is running.

The website is running a wonderful promotion on eGift Certificates. For every $80 eGift Certificate you purchase, you'll receive an added bonus--$20 extra, free!! Certificates will be limited to three per customer. That's up to $60 in free money to spend at The eGift must be purchased in the 'Sale' category in order to be eligible for the $20 bonus.

Here's how it works, once you purchase your $80 eGift, you'll automatically receive an e-mail with a gift certificate code for the $80. Then, up to 24 hours after your purchase, we will e-mail an additional code valued at $20. You can combine as many eGift codes as you'd like at checkout, so don't be discouraged! While this is one of the best promotions you will see on the site, it does have one slight downfall if you're purchasing one for a gift. The expiration on the codes are only valid for 60 days from issue date.

If a friend or family member that's a fan of Andy's has a birthday coming up, here's your opportunity to get them something truly special at a low price. Or maybe you just want a bargain on one of Andy's pieces for yourself? Whatever the case may be, this is a wonderful promotion that won't last long. It may be gone tomorrow, so take advantage now! If you're looking to buy a large piece that's over $300 this is a great way to save $60.

Food for thought, maybe you have a birthday or special event coming up and you and that special person are both art collectors-- you can always give them the free $20 and buy yourself something with the $80 or vice versa. Or if you know their favorite print, apply it towards the price and get a nice bargain, they'll never know! The possibilities are endless. The West in Action makes a great gift for an art collector!